Thursday, 28 July 2011

We only said goodbye with words...

I don't want in anyway for my blog to be a place of doom and gloom. As visible from my header..I really do love 'all the pretty things' in life. However fluffy that may sound...I do not just mean materialistic items, but happiness in forms of love, friendships, hobbies, lifestyles.
One of my loves since I was little pudding has been music. Any type of music...pop, r'n'b, indie, jazz, soul...

Therefore I was completely gutted to hear of the passing of Amy Winehouse over the weekend.

Ofcourse, when any star passes all of these 'life-long fans' jump out of the closet claiming they were their biggest fans....pah!
Amy Winehouse is genuinely one of my favourite artists of all time, her album 'Back to Black' undoubtedly one of the most played on my iPod.
When I first heard her voice on the radio back in 2006, I thought it was one of the legendary voices that you hear on the radio on Sunday afternoons... not a 22 year old.
Her album 'Frank' was one of my first tastes of 'real' music, up until then I was 'Top 40 UK' obsessed...whatever was in the Top10 was my 'favourite' of the moment.

When you listen to her music..her powerful voice stops you in your tracks..her now legendary songs sang so effortlessly with such striking, sassy, meaningful lyrics really does make me feel sad to think that Amy Winehouse will no longer grace the music industry in such a unique and powerful way. She almost brought back the old jazz/contemporary/bluesy music back and made it 'cool' again, and for that I'm sure the British music industry will be eternally grateful.

Her passing is a tragic shame, and no matter what people say about her past problems, she was a 27 year old excited about music and life but has now joined that infamous  '27 Club'.
At least shes in good company aye?

Sweet dreams...


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